My name is Rainbow! I am the Owner and Permanent Makeup Artist at Timeless Artistry Permanent Makeup. 

From a young age, I loved makeup and getting dolled up. Throughout my young adulthood, makeup was  more of a hobby. Who doesn't love to get glammed up?

In 2019,  I made a decision get my eyebrows tattoo to help speed up my makeup routine. Let me tell you,  IT WAS A LIFE CHANGER. One of the best decision I made.  I used to spend 20 minutes everyday drawing my brows to now waking up with brows! I loved it so much that I decided that I wanted to help busy women like me to speed up their makeup routine or just wake up with makeup!

I started my journey as Permanent Makeup Artist in 2020. I have my certifications in Powder Ombre, Nanoshading, Nanoblading, Eyeliners, and Lip blush. 

Late Summer of 2020, I became licensed as a Minnesota Body Art Artistis Apprentice. After performing 200 hours of permanent makeup services. I became fully licensed in Minnesota as a Body Art Artist.

Let me help you in your busy life by waking up with permanent makeup.